• How Computers Have Changed Our World

    Have you ever wondered a world without computers? Though this was the case before the invention of computers...

  • why we need computers and various supporting technologies

    From a small kid who likes to get engaged in computers for playing games to a grown...

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How Computers Have Changed Our World

Have you ever wondered a world without computers? Though this was the case before the invention of computers, we cannot imagine a single day without computers.

From a small kid who likes to get engaged in computers for playing games to a grown up adult or an old aged person who likes to do his or her money transaction online needs computer.

Imagine the world to go computer free (No computers) and technology free for a single day. Here is how the world will be for that day. Here is why we need computers and various supporting technologies.

Online shopping: If we don’t have computers, then it will become a must for everyone to go to the shop and purchase things. If you like to purchase goods from outside your state or country, either you will have to travel to that place or you will have to ask someone to purchase it for you from that location. You will not have any choice for purchasing your favourite item; you will have to accept the items that are bought for you from that location. Use the information at https://www.netwerkkabel.eu/ to get help here.

 With the invention of computers and development of e commerce, one can purchase anything and everything just sitting at their place. One can find many online shopping sites these days to comfort the customers. People have various choices now.

Point Of Sale Systems:  One might have known about systems that are used at the point of sale. Credit card reader, item scanner and additional software, printers are used at the time of purchase. When nothing is available, it becomes very difficult for humans to do the same. The merchant has to note down all the items that have been purchased by the customer, calculate the price and hand over a written receipt for the customer’s purchase. Once the items are purchased, the merchant has to update the inventory details manually.

With the POS system, the merchant need not worry about anything. A single scan with the help of bar code scanner can fetch the entire details about the item; a single swipe of the credit card in the credit card reader can transfer the amount from the customer to the merchant. It has become very easy for the merchants to handle multiple tasks at the point of sale.

Software: Initially there was no software to ease the work of business. Whether it is noting down the arrival time of an employee or handling different type of projects, it has to be done manually.

Today there are many programmers to design the requirements of a customer. If one needs their business to handle the security system wisely, then there is software to do the same. Variety of software is available for certain price to manage the business properly. Business management, customer relationship management, accounting, payroll are some of the software that are easily available. It has become easy to manage the business efficiently with the development of this software.

Gaming Technology:  Playing is one way of relieving stress. There is no limit to play games. Initially people had to depend on their friends to have a good entertainment. Many people used to join together as a group and play games.

With the development in gaming technology, today, there are varieties of ways to play a single game. One can download a game and play them on their PC or can directly play one online. Apart from playing on their PC’s new gaming devices are introduced. With the development of Wii and Xbox, one gets the feel of playing inside the virtual world. With the gaming accessories like gaming headsets, wrist bands and gloves, the action of the players inside the game are controlled directly by the player’s movements and actions.

Security Systems: It was very easy to break the security of online users then, but many security software like antivirus, and programs that detect spyware and malware help the online users today to provide complete security to use online safely.

Computers and technology improvement has helped people in various ways in different fields. The development has not come to an end. Still, many programmers in the world are developing software at the very moment.  

We are being pushed to a situation where we cannot imagine even a single day without computer.